Faucet Repair in Orcutt, CA

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Plumbing Fixture Installment & Repair

If the moment has come to repair or replace the faucets, sinks or other fixtures in your Orcutt, CA home, call the trusted pros at Zeek's Plumbing today. The number to dial is 805-287-8045.

Upgrading Your Bathroom or Kitchen

Is your kitchen or bathroom starting to look dated? You may be surprised at how replacing some of the plumbing fixtures can go a long way towards giving the room a modern and contemporary look. Replacing the sink, the faucets or the toilet might be just what you need to give your kitchen or bathroom the facelift it needs. When you choose Zeek's Plumbing, you can be certain that your new fixtures will be installed quickly, correctly and affordably.

Dripping Faucets

Did you know that the dripping tap you have in your home could be costing you a large amount of money? A leaking faucet that drips every five seconds can waste over 400 gallons of water each year. Not only is that bad from an environmental perspective, it can make a considerable difference on your monthly water expenses.

Some leaking taps don't drip into the sink. If a washer becomes cracked or a valve is defective, the leak could be dripping onto the counter or under the sink. That moisture can become a breeding ground for harmful mold or mildew. As soon as you notice a leaking or dripping faucet, you should call a skilled plumbing expert right away. Repairing or replacing the defective faucet can save you substantial amounts of money in the future and also safeguard your family's health.

Choosing a Trustworthy Licensed Professional for Your Fixture Repair

Every do-it-yourselfer that tackles a home improvement project does so with the best intentions of doing a good job and saving a bit of money at the same time. However, a poorly or incorrectly installed fixture could have major repercussions. Should a leak, or worse yet, flooding, happen as a result of a poorly installed fixture, the damage would cost a lot more than any savings you might have experienced by doing it on your own. It is for that reason that we always recommend having fixtures installed by a totally certified, bonded and insured plumbing expert.

We're a family-owned business with years of experience. We have hundreds of clients because we always deliver a high standard of service that our reputation has been built on. For exceptional plumbing service in Orcutt, CA, call Zeek's Plumbing at 805-287-8045 to schedule reliable, fast, and affordable plumbing services for your home or business.