Water Heater Repair and Replacement

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Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

If the water heater in your home is in need of repair or if the time has come to replace it, call us at 805-287-8045 today. Our friendly and helpful personnel will set up an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. Our dedication to prompt service means that you will not have to wait for hours and hours for our service expert to arrive.

Repairing Your Water Heater

If your water heater is not supplying enough hot water, has developed a leak, or has altogether stopped producing, the experienced service experts at Zeek's Plumbing can examine the problem and suggest the best way to fix it. The typical life expectancy of a water heater is around 12 years. If yours is not working as it should be and is not quite that old yet, your most affordable solution might be to have it fixed.

A Look at the Various Types of Water Heaters

The latest in water heaters offer great energy efficiency, affordability and versatility. If the time has come to replace your hot water system, here's a glance at the different kinds of models that are available for your home.

  • Electric water heaters: These kinds of heaters require the smallest initial investment. However, due to the greater cost of electric power, they are more expensive to run than their gas powered equivalents.
  • Gas water heaters: Although they are at first more expensive, gas heaters have a tendency to be a much more affordable option over the long term due to their lower operating costs. Unlike electric versions, gas water heaters need venting to the outside.
  • Tankless hot water systems: These are the most recent developments in heating system technology. By immediately heating water as needed as it passes through, they eliminate the need to store large quantities of heated water in a holding tank, making them the most energy efficient choice available.

Having Your New Water Heater Installed by a Professional

When you put your trust in Zeek's Plumbing for the installation of your new water heater, you will be assured of years of risk-free and worry-free use. You will also have the comfort that comes with knowing that the task was completed according to all local safety codes and abiding by the manufacturer's guidelines, therefore protecting its warranty.

We're a family-owned business with years of experience. We have hundreds of clients because we always deliver a high standard of service that our reputation has been built on. For exceptional plumbing service call Zeek's Plumbing at 805-287-8045 to schedule reliable, fast, and affordable plumbing services for your home or business.

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